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Memory Fish’s live performances sound as intricate and intimate on stage as on record. The album was actually produced to convey its detail live.

At the start of each show, Larva distributes booklets with the lyrics so the audience can engage with the text and the music at the same time. It also creates a sense of alliance between the audience members, allowing them to become fully immersed in the songs together.

Since the lyrics are mostly ephemeral fragments of stories, there is no imposed meaning or message. Instead, each person can associate the lyrics with their own experience and get lost in all kinds of thoughts.

Memory Fish only uses a keyboard and microphone for performances so it is a very simple technical set-up. This makes it suitable to be booked in virtually every venue or situation.


Memory Fish live performance, recorded at Einde van de Wereld, Amsterdam, 1st February 2019


20190330 Gelegenheiten, Berlin (DE)

20190329 Madame Claude, Berlin (DE)

20190328 be’kech, Berlin (DE)

20190201 Einde van de Wereld, Amsterdam

20190124 Willem Twee Concertzaal, Den Bosch (NL)

20181223 De Ruimte, Amsterdam

20181220 Dokhuis Galerie, Amsterdam

20181208 De Peper, OT301, Amsterdam

20181117 De Peper, OT301, Amsterdam

20181103 OCCII, Amsterdam

20181020 ADM, Amsterdam

20180909 De Peper, OT301, Amsterdam

20180708 Lucky Lake Hostel, Amsterdam

20180421 Plantagedok, Amsterdam